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La Combe in Savoie, France
whenever i see a snail i am instantly reminded of the french alps on a rainy day. when i was a kid i would go out in the rain, or immediately after it stopped raining, to pick up all the snails on the roads so they wouldn’t get run over by cars :)
then i would take them to my cousin and freak her out with them. <3
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Anonymous said: whats your favorite picture of yourself?

this is one of my favorite pictures of myself, because even though i don’t look my best in it, it was a time in my life where i was genuinely happy. you can tell by my squished face and dimples :) this is me watching cows grazing at the top of Peisey mountain in the French Alps.

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ridiculously short hair, no makeup, chilling with tail-less cats in france (2009) 
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backpacking through europe, playing my flute with llama.
we hung out on the grass of the eiffel tower half the day eating nutella covered baguettes and croissants. not to mention the last half staggering around with a bottle of red wine and running through the rain.
i miss these days so much.
how i love being french <3 ma famille me manque beaucoup.  
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i took this picture in Paris, France.
i stumbled across it and just had to spread the good vibes!
"be free from time to time"
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DAY 1: a picture of me smiling

a picture of me smiling.
seeing the cows in the high mountains of the french alps is one of my greatest pleasures.
i love getting close enough to touch them, and the pure beauty of the landscape of the french alps is breathtaking. <3
i cherish every moment when im with my family in savoie.